Many students already have a general idea about where they believe they want to attend college and the schools they plan to apply to.  This package is intended to help seniors get through the application process and end upon acceptance to a college or university.

  • Up to 6 one-on-one college counseling sessions plus unlimited email support and limited phone and text support
  • Conduct in-depth student interview which will then guide students through assessments of individual strengths, interests, learning styles, attributes, academic and career goals and preferences for types of college and learning environments
  • Develop a college list with each student that would match the student's interest and profile
  • Provide guidance and assistance in planning college visits
  • Access to an online custom plan, an online project management system that allows counselor and students to organize and manage the college application process
  • Customized reminders of registration and testing dates, application deadlines and financial aid deadlines
  • A complete detailed review of the student's academic and testing records along with activities and areas of interest
  • Assistance in building a resume for the application process
  • Assistance in developing a testing plan for the ACT or SAT and AP and IB exams
  • Recommendations for summer programs or additional extra curricular involvement
  • Provide assistance in the college essay/personal statement portion of the application. This will include brainstorming, feedback and proofreading of all essays and supplemental information
  • Review of up to 10 college applications
  • Working together to come up with a strategic approach to applying to college which could include binding and non-binding admission decisions
  • Provide limited information on scholarship search resources