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On Course College Counseling is invested in helping students navigate the college admissions process and help them find the school that will be the best fit for their individualized learning goals.  Our goal is to take some of the stress away and help to make the search process and application process more enjoyable for students and their families. We look forward to being a part of your journey!

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  • Throughout the private school process, Mrs. Barnwell has been supportive and helpful in many ways.  Whether helping in the reviewing of applications, or the selection and writing process of essays, she was available and willing to help in any way possible. Mrs. Barnwell’s help made our application process much less stressful and a lot easier!


    Parent of Private School Students | Crofton, MD

  • Sherri was there to guide my daughter every step of the college application process!  I had the ability to step back and be hands off knowing that Sherri and Maggie had a great working relationship.  Maggie was able to ask questions and Sherri knew the answers or knew where to find them.  It was great having someone help my daughter every step of the way.  It especially meant so much to Maggie that one of her first calls or texts upon acceptance was from Sherri!

    Lesley Wilson | Clover, SC

  • Thank you, Haley, for making this usually stressful college admissions process a lot easier on our family.  Your knowledge and expertise were invaluable – especially since there are so many aspects of this process that we did not know about.  From going over essays to quickly answering our endless amounts of questions, you handled it all!

    Grateful Parent | Marriottsville, MD

  • I was very overwhelmed throughout the whole process of applying to college.  I had so many questions about the applications and Mrs. Barnwell sat down with me and went over all of them.  Mrs. Barnwell answered my questions, reviewed my applications, reviewed my essays, and most importantly put me at ease.  The entire process went much more smoothly with her help!

    Maggie Wilson | Clover, SC

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Cambridge, MA, United States - April 9, 2016: Harvard University campus in spring in Cambridge, MA, United States on April 9, 2016.